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Gann  Emblem 

Gann  Emblem  is  Basically a  Forecasting  Tool  Which  Forecast  The  Future  Reversal   Dates. W.D.GANN  Said  Within  a Circle  is a  Square  and  a  Triangle  and  This  Aspects  Are Related  to Astrology. Where  We  Takes  Solar Degree  into  Consideration  -But As In Astrology  Specific  Zodiac Signs  Are   Related  To  Individual  Person(Natal  Chart).

Same  Laws  Apply  In  Commodity  Market.

The Gann Emblem tool is is a simple graphical display allowing the user to ‘spin’ the pointer of the Gann Emblem to calculate future dates for a possible change in trend.

The Gann Emblem tool uses standard time to calculate dates, and a simple conversion of Days to Degrees is used ( 365/360 ), givingThe Gann emblem is the Circle divide up by a Square and Triangle.The points at which the Circle,square and Triangle meet give is our key pressure points.The Gann emblem and its symmetry with simplicity,also shows the true proportion relationship between these geometrical shapes.

Circle, Square, and Triangle 

No matter whether you use geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, you use the simple rules of arithmetic. You do only two things, you increase or decrease. There are two kinds of numbers, odd and even. We add numbers together, which is increasing. We multiply, which is a shorter way to increase. We subtract, which decreases, and we divide, which also decreases. With the use of higher mathematics, we find a quicker and easier way to divide, subtract, add, and multiply, yet very simple when you understand it. Everything in nature is male and female,