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WD Gann was very fond of looking at long term time cycles using months and years to arrive at quite precise trend change periods. We shall look at some of those cycles and see how they apply to our markets

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Traders Beats giving the high quality Elliott Wave Training In India. Traders Beats Help You Get An In Depth Knowledge In Elliott Wave. We Will Teach You How To Use Elliott Wave Special Settings To Confirm Elliott Wave Counts.

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The pioneer that started to integrate the theory of Astrology in the financial markets was William D. Gann, which along with other types of strategies, was a very successful trader with high winning rates on the start of the 20th century.

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About Traders Beats

Traders Beats in has been tracking Commodity markets for the last 6 years, with deep understanding of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY. All day to day activities in this universe including Commodity market are influenced by movement of planets/ nakshatras in the zodiac. We are amongest the leading Indian Commodity Market Tips provider. Our pool of manpower comprises of strong market researcher and analysts who always keep a hawk eye on the market dynamics thereby providing the best advice in the benefit of our prestigious clients after studying all the relevant technical and fundamental information/analysis

Vision & Mission

Traders Beats is a leading financial services provider with presence in Indian and other
global capital markets. With its full fledged research operations.

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Our Services

Delivers high accuracy tips for
Equities – For stocks listed on BSE and NSE
Commodity - MCX, NCDEX and COMEX
Forex - Domestic and International Currencies

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Our Support

2-3 Intraday Calls in Precious Metals Gold and Silver, Daily News Letter with updates. Support & Resistance of all major commodities. Support on Mobile number and Chat room.

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Astrology and Commodity Market

The most ancient and wonderful of all sciences is the Astrology which has beyond doubt established the truth that there is a strong co-link between human events and planetary configurations. There are many branches of astrology known to the mankind and one of the most remarkable branch is financial astrology. This branch of astrology signifies a relation between the planetary movements and the Commodity market.